Sports Therapy

Sports Therapist/Club Physio

Jan Annis

Mobile: +44 7719 261356

Clinic: +44 1202 632961

Jan will be available for all club members for rehab at her clinic:

5 Moorland Parade,
Moorland Road,
BH16 5JS

on Tuesdays from 1800 – 2000 for a small nominal fee of £10.00 if you wish to make use of her skills.

Jan Annis – Sports Therapy, Sports Injuries, Sports massage (Biography)

I started my journey into the therapy world in my early twenties after a neck injury (unbeknown to me I had fractured my neck in three places ten months earlier in potentially fatal places).

Luckily for me I was referred for x rays and Chiropractic treatment.  Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the Chiropractor could not treat me but his wife had taught him a little Reflexology.

I remember thinking “idiot, the problem is with my neck and not my feet!” However for the first time in ten months I had more movement and no pain for two days.

Hence my journey into the therapy world began. I have been a qualified, practicing and insured therapist since 1996.

Initially I had to learn all about Reflexology and every which way it could be done. If someone had a better way of applying it then I had to know. Many courses later I realised that there were no more courses in Reflexology for me to do. I had truly mastered Reflexology.

Now, I have a low boredom threshold and I am an eternal student which meant I had to find something else to keep me occupied, Hello Massage.

Having studied Swedish Massage I again covered every course and ended up with Sports Massage which fascinates and enthralls me.

The human body is an amazing machine that will adapt to keep us functioning until such time it sends us a signal to say there is a problem. Instead of acting on the signal of pain we ignore it and more adaptions take place.

I somehow knew with the Reflexology and Sports Massage exactly where to work to help alleviate the symptoms and it has been said
many times that I have natural healing hands and magical fingers.
My hands are always hot and my eyes are keen to pick up the imbalances in the body.

I have been lucky enough to have been invited to many places to
work and show my skills and even luckier to have taken up teaching early on in my career so that I may pass on the knowledge learnt and help others to have a fulfilling career. Being chosen to work at the London Olympics and the Paralympics Games in 2012 are the most memorable places to date!

I hope whichever therapy or whichever therapist you decide on you will have an amazing experience and feel safe, supported and looked after in our care.