Rugby Now At Stage D

We are now at Stage D.  The main changes now allow for very limited Contact for 15 minutes of the training session, in small groups of upto 6 people and we can, in theory, play other clubs at Ready4Rugby.  However, the club Youth selection has taken a view that for the time being, Ready4Rugby matches against other clubs will not be undertaken in September, as the Clubhouse is still yet to open.  A decision on when to open a COVID friendly Clubhouse and play others clubs will be taken in early October.

We will continue to train on Wednesday nights from 6.30 to 8.00 and we will stop sending out text messages calling people to training.  We will only communicate out to you, if we are not training for any reason.  Please ensure that your son brings their gum shield to training.

We can continue to play Ready4Rugby interclub matches and to that end I have approached the senior squad to try and arrange a fixture with them.  We will hopefully play the U16s again this coming Sunday and will then plan other matches going forward.

As soon as the situation changes, I’ll let you know.

Attached is the new guidance material from the RFU for Stage D for your information.  Any questions, just let me know.